Keeping Your Home and Family Safe and Secure

Factors to Think about When Installing an Alarm Security System in Your Home

A security system consists of various elements that combine to make your home safe. One of these elements is an alarm system. Here are several factors to think about when installing this component.

Hardwired Alarm System

Do you want the alarm system hardwired into your home, or do you want a wireless model? Your installer can advise you on which may be best, depending on your house's size and other factors. If you choose a hardwired system, the wires will be inserted into the walls or ceiling. Each sensor and detector will be connected to the central controller.

A hardwired system is usually more reliable than a wireless one, where you may have variable connectivity. Plus, the system is powered by electricity, so it won't run out of energy unless the power is cut to your home. The installation process can be complex, however, with the wiring integrated into the building.

Wireless Alarm System

Alternatively, you could install a wireless alarm. The elements of these systems communicate via signals. If a sensor is triggered, it will emit a signal that is picked up by the central controller, which sounds the alarm.

Your installer can set up the components fairly quickly as they don't have to connect wires. They will take care to install the sensors within range of the controller; otherwise, the alarm won't work.

This issue highlights a potential weakness of these systems. The components need to be installed within range, which may not be easy to do if you have a large home. Additionally, the batteries need to be charged, or the system won't respond when it needs to.

Monitored or Unmonitored

Another choice to make is whether to opt for a monitored or unmonitored alarm during your security system installation. While a monitored system usually incurs a monthly fee, your home will be looked after even if you're not attentive to what's happening.

A triggered alarm will notify a monitoring centre with people on standby. They may call you or inform the police. Thus, the alarm won't go unnoticed. If you travel or leave home frequently, this will give you peace of mind that you won't arrive home to open doors and windows and wonder how long they've been like that.

You can, on the other hand, have an unmonitored system installed. With these setups, an alert will be sent to your phone if the alarm goes off. If the system allows it, you can check the CCTV footage on your smartphone to see what has triggered the alarm and decide what you want to do about it.

For more information about security system installation, contact a local company.