Keeping Your Home and Family Safe and Secure

Installing a Security System in Your School: Things to Consider

Schools are often the targets of burglars, vandals and trespassers. A security system can protect your school while also deterring criminals from breaking in. When choosing a system for your school, there are some key areas to consider: scope, monitoring costs, response times, customer service levels and ease of use. Read on to find out more!

The scope of the project

The project's scope will determine how much you are willing to spend, where you are likely to receive the best possible return on your investment and which monitoring company will be most suitable for your school.

A basic system includes detection devices in physical locations such as doors, windows, cabinets and safes. The alarm is triggered by unauthorized access or movement within a protected zone. There may also be options available to control locks or ventilation systems. More advanced systems can detect motion through windows or roofs, heat loss from air ducts, carbon monoxide levels emitted by stoves and boilers in laboratories and radioactivity levels in certain areas.

Monitoring costs

Once installed, monitoring costs can be expensive. If you choose a self-monitored system, it will only call the police if the alarm is activated. This could mean that criminals have already made off with your valuables before help arrives. With any system, its effectiveness is only as good as its user. Someone who fails to turn on or check their trigger devices would render the entire installation useless. That is why it is good to consider investing in 24-hour remote monitoring.

Customer service levels and response times

Security companies need to provide advanced customer service and technical support for their clients because they are dealing with high-pressure situations. Customer services should be easy to contact in emergencies. They should also offer to report, record and repair any issues with the system within an agreed time frame.

Ease of use for your staff

Security systems should be easy to use, especially in emergencies. Instead of fiddling with different buttons on a keypad, look for an option that provides quick access using an electronic key. You may also wish to install a panic button that immediately alerts local police that a serious incident is ongoing at the school.

For more information, contact a local security system installation team today. A staff member will be happy to discuss how they can help keep your school safe and secure by installing a security system.