Why Should You Avoid Putting a Fake Burglar Alarm Box on Your Home?

A proper security alarm system connects to a box fixed to the outside of your home. Plenty of companies now produce fake alarm boxes that can be installed without being connected to any security system. The idea is that burglars will assume you have a real security system and avoid targeting your house. Unfortunately, dummy boxes just aren't worth it. Burglars Can Spot Them The most glaring problem that comes with dummy alarm boxes is that burglars have become increasing good at spotting them. [Read More]

Two Ways to Make Your Home More Secure

If you live in a neighbourhood which is known to have high crime rates or if there has been an increase in break-ins in your area recently, it might be worth taking steps to make your home more secure. Here are two ways to do this. Install some security window screens Windows are widely considered to be one of the more vulnerable areas of a house. Burglars often choose to break into properties by either shattering or unlocking a window and then climbing through. [Read More]

Some Terminology to Learn When Shopping for a Residential Security System

When you're ready to shop for a new residential alarm or security system, you may come across some terms and words that aren't familiar to you; it's good to understand these before making your choice, as you want to review all details of any potential system before having it installed. Note a few terms to learn when shopping for a residential security system and then you know you'll be making an informed decision about your choice. [Read More]

Commercial Building Expenses That Are Worth the Extra Cost

When you are looking at the different expenses of running your commercial building, from renovations you are considering to how much security you have, there are some expenses that can be hard to factor into the budget. However, many of these are well worth the money. Here are some building expenses to consider for your commercial building. Upgrading the Utilities One renovation you should definitely consider for your commercial building is upgrading the plumbing and electrical. [Read More]