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Top Tips When Choosing CCTV For Your Home Or Business

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems are a must-have in modern residential and commercial buildings. Choosing a CCTV system can be a complicated task. Read this extract for some pro tips on how to choose an appropriate CCTV system for your home or business. 

Camera Capabilities

One of your concerns should be the camera's resolution. Typically, you will get crisp images if the cameras have a high resolution. Digital zoom allows you to zoom on images that are several metres away from the camera. It also enables you to view fine details such as name tags and number plates that are difficult to see from a distance. Modern CCTV cameras come with infrared abilities, which enables you to view images at night. Advanced cameras have smart infrared that adjusts the intensity of the infrared to give a clear picture. 

Internet protocol (IP) cameras are internet-compatible. Most of these systems have an application that allows you to monitor and control the CCTV cameras remotely. As a rule, you should not connect IP cameras to public Wi-Fi. If you do, unscrupulous individuals could hack the system. 

Number Of Cameras Required

Ask a professional CCTV installer to help you calculate the number of CCTV cameras required to monitor your premises. More often than not, CCTV cameras are installed at the entry, exit points and around the perimeter. Business owners will also install internal CCTV cameras to help them monitor their employees and customers. The installer will also assess the accessories required to install the system. For example, you could need additional lighting to improve the camera's night vision capabilities. Besides, you will need cables, switches, terminals and LED screens. The installer will also decide appropriate locations to fix the cameras. For example, the cameras should not face lights or reflective surfaces. 


Most people will forget to inquire about the storage abilities of the system. Ideally, the system should have sufficient storage space. It enables you to store months of footage. Some companies offer cloud storage to ensure you do not lose footage. 


The CCTV system should be manufactured by a reputable company. Consult CCTV installers or check internet reviews to identify companies that manufacture durable and high-quality equipment. Additionally, check the terms of the manufacturer's warranty. For example, some warranties could become void if you opt for a DIY installation. Check the camera's pricing and take advantage of seasonal discounts and online coupons. 

When buying a CCTV system, examine the camera capabilities, the number of cameras you need, available storage space and the manufacturer's reputation.