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What Are the Uses of CCTV?

CCTV is the acronym for Closed Circuit Television: a surveillance system made up of cameras which signals are used to observe different areas for security purposes. The signals of the cameras are not publicly distributed. The main focus of CCTV is surveillance for security reasons. There are a few places where surveillance cameras are present:


Surveillance cameras are used in the industry sector that deals with dangerous elements or objects such as chemicals or nuclear fuels. These cameras observe all the processes the chemicals go through to prevent damages or contain them.

Body Cameras

This kind of use is very popular amongst the police force. Police officers wear body cameras for different reasons, one of them being the prevention of corruption.

Traffic Monitoring

Surveillance cameras are often found on street lights. These cameras monitor traffic and in cases of accidents are hard proof of what caused the accident.

Sporting Events

The CCTV cameras' purpose, in this case, is to keep order in the entire area in which the sporting event is being held. They can also catch flagrant cases in which there is noted vandalism, theft, physical violence, calls of racism and verbal abuse to the referees.


CCTV cameras are used in businesses to watch all the employees to prevent theft and vandalism. These cameras observe all the operation that an employee does in a workday.


The use of surveillance cameras in schools is a very widespread method of surveillance. The purpose here is to prevent bullying and vandalism and to control exits and entrances. There are areas in which CCTV cameras are not proper to use, such as bathrooms and locker rooms, but they are used in parking lots, cafeterias, hallways and often classes.

Public Transport

You often see cameras installed on buses and trains as a way to prevent pickpocketing. In this case, the instalment of the cameras has lowered the number of cases of theft.


CCTV cameras are used to observe the inmates and their day-to-day activities.


Overall the use of CCTV cameras has reduced crime in the areas where they are installed, especially in car parks, public transportation and businesses. Even though there have been claims that CCTV surveillance cameras violate privacy, it cannot be denied that many crimes find their solution thanks to surveillance cameras that are installed to watch the outside of commercial buildings, cameras on traffic lights and so on and so forth. In the end surveillance cameras do more good than harm.