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Commercial Building Security: Three Critical Considerations for Canine Selection

If you are planning on boosting the security in your commercial building, you should think about incorporating a canine section in your new arrangement. In general, security guards and specialised systems will protect your business space from common and obvious threats. However, there are some risks which can remain undetected even with exceptional technology and keen eyes. If these threats are allowed into your building, they could compromise your company.

If you have security dogs to complement your professional guards and advanced systems, you will have well-rounded protection against all threats. Trained dogs can detect the threats that will be overlooked by humans and those that cannot be identified by metal detectors and other systems. This efficiency can be primarily attributed to the canine's exceptional sense of smell. If you are looking for a security dog for the first time, you should consider these factors during selection.

Explosive Detection Capabilities

Threats involving bombs and other explosive materials are not uncommon in the modern commercial setup. These threats can create panic in the business environment, and an incident involving an explosion can cause fatalities, injuries and property loss. There are some bombs which can be identified with ease by security personnel. However, improvised explosive devices are unique and might escape the notice of guards. Therefore, you should look for a dog trained to detect the smell of explosive materials. With this type of canine, you will be able to determine the validity of bomb threats. Moreover, the dog will identify the placement of explosive devices, allowing the authorities to act quickly to manage the threat.

Concealed Weapon Identification

Concealed weapons can be used by unscrupulous individuals to act against your business and its employees. Therefore, you should protect your premises against the dangers of firearms, especially if you are involved in sensitive operations or a controversial industry. In most cases, your security system will detect the metal of a concealed gun and alert the guards. However, it is possible for a gun to be disguised and concealed in bags and general luggage. You should choose a dog with training in detecting the smell of gunpowder to prevent unfortunate incidents.

Drug Sniffing Training

Drugs do not have the same security impact as firearms and explosives. However, the negative consequences of having illegal narcotics within your commercial premises such as bad publicity can cripple your business. Therefore, when choosing your security canines, you should look for dogs trained in sniffing out drugs. This consideration will protect your employees and prevent adverse legal repercussions. 

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