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Why Should You Avoid Putting a Fake Burglar Alarm Box on Your Home?

A proper security alarm system connects to a box fixed to the outside of your home. Plenty of companies now produce fake alarm boxes that can be installed without being connected to any security system. The idea is that burglars will assume you have a real security system and avoid targeting your house.

Unfortunately, dummy boxes just aren't worth it.

Burglars Can Spot Them

The most glaring problem that comes with dummy alarm boxes is that burglars have become increasing good at spotting them. Such boxes are still a deterrent, but often only against more opportunistic burglars.

What you need to keep in mind is that, for many burglars, this is how they make a living. Any professional will know exactly how to spot a dummy alarm. For example, they will be able to notice subtle differences in the lighting or wiring, and they'll be able to tell when a dummy alarm is mounted improperly or mounted in an unrealistic location. Even weathering can give a dummy alarm box away. Even if the box looks real, remember that professional burglars will often monitor a property prior to attempting a break-in. If they see you leave and enter without any sign of the alarm being active, they'll know it's a fake.

No Coverage Benefits

While a dummy alarm may look like a real alarm, it doesn't offer any of the additional benefits that a real alarm system can provide. Most importantly, you'll find it very hard to affect any reduction in your home insurance premiums simply by adding a fake alarm system to your home. It's annoying not to make those savings, and the reason why insurance companies won't cut your costs is also telling; they know that dummy alarms are not going to significantly reduce your risk of being targeted by burglars.

False Sense of Security

If you add a dummy alarm box to the front of your house, you might assume that you're all set when it comes to security. Unfortunately, this will not be the case, so you might find yourself enjoying a false sense of security. If you think your dummy box is going to fool burglars, you could start failing to lock up properly and close all your windows when you leave your home. Additionally, you'll be contributing to a wider problem. The more dummy alarm boxes there are out there, the less seriously burglars will take genuine and fake ones alike.