Keeping Your Home and Family Safe and Secure

Two Ways to Make Your Home More Secure

If you live in a neighbourhood which is known to have high crime rates or if there has been an increase in break-ins in your area recently, it might be worth taking steps to make your home more secure. Here are two ways to do this.

Install some security window screens

Windows are widely considered to be one of the more vulnerable areas of a house. Burglars often choose to break into properties by either shattering or unlocking a window and then climbing through.

One way to address this structural vulnerability is to install security window screens. These are usually made from an extremely strong mesh material. Their robustness means that they are extremely difficult for burglars to rip apart, cut, push through or pull off. The vast majority of thieves would not have the expertise, power tools or physical strength required to get through this type of security device.

These screens can be particularly useful if you live in a hot climate and would prefer to have your windows open whilst you sleep to keep your home interior cool. Their presence can allow you to do this without having to worry about the possibility of somebody climbing through your open window during the night.

Many homeowners find themselves hesitant to install these type of security screens due to their concerns about the effect these items will have on their property's appearance. However, in most cases, they will have minimal impact on a house's aesthetic, as they fit perfectly into the window frame and can be purchased in a colour which complements the rest of the property's exterior.

Install outdoor sensor lights

Outdoor sensor lights, which switch on automatically when they detect motion nearby, are simple to install and could significantly reduce the chances of someone breaking into your home.

They can serve as a highly effective deterrent; burglars who are attempting to enter a house unnoticed will usually be frightened off by anything that draws attention to their presence. A bright light which suddenly switches on as they approach a property could be enough to make them reconsider breaking into that particular house.

Sensor lights can also keep your family safe from those who might otherwise attempt to mug or injure them when they are leaving or entering your home late at night. Opportunistic criminals often rely on darkness to prevent their victims from spotting them; it provides them with the element of surprise. As such, if your exterior lights switch on and suddenly turn your pitch-black driveway or footpath into a well-lit area, there is less chance of such criminals attempting to steal from or hurt your family members who are walking by.