Keeping Your Home and Family Safe and Secure

3 Things Many Homeowners Overlook When It Comes to Home Security

Improving your home's security doesn't always need to include installing an expensive and complicated alarm system; sometimes just maintaining your property and knowing how thieves and intruders think can help ensure the security of your home. Note a few important security tips that many homeowners actually overlook in this area, so you can improve your home's security and reduce the risk of break-ins and theft.

Securing the garage and outdoor items

Securing the home's garage with a heavy-duty padlock or other locking mechanism that is stronger and more durable than the manufacturer's lock will ensure nothing gets stolen out of the garage. However, note that thieves and intruders have been known to use items they find in the garage, or anywhere on your property, as a tool to break a window and gain access to your home. You may not think much about that stack of extra patio pavers you have sitting on the back porch or next to the garage, or the shovel and other gardening tools you always leave on the back porch, but if any item can be used to break a window, it can make your property a prime target for thieves and intruders. Secure all these outdoor items, including anything that can be lifted by a potential thief, and upgrade the locks on your garage, shed, and storage chests or bins.

Make repairs quickly

A broken or cracked wood window frame, a chipped window pane, or a dented garage door are all prime targets for thieves, as these are easier for them to break open and then access your home's interior. Always make repairs quickly when it comes to any potential entry point for thieves, and you may even take that opportunity to upgrade materials and locks; opt for shatterproof windows and a heavier, sturdier garage door material, if needed, to keep these items in good repair.

Don't hide things in plain site

Thieves and intruders know all about fake rocks that you put on the porch to hide keys, and items in the home that hide but don't secure valuables, such as fake soda cans. Thieves also know to look for keys taped to the underside of mailboxes or over a doorframe. Never use any of these items or supposed tricks to hide your keys and other valuables; have a trusted friend keep a spare key for you, and invest in a small home safe or lockbox rather than other items that do little to actually secure your home's valuables.