Keeping Your Home and Family Safe and Secure

Why You Should Consider a Home Monitoring System

If you are like most people, you want your home to be as safe and secure as possible. While there are excellent, high-quality security alarm systems, going one step further with a home monitoring system is a great option. These provide alarms, video surveillance, and remote access all in one system. Here are some benefits of choosing this type of security system for your home.

You Can Check in at Any Time

First of all, with a home monitoring system, you have remote access to the video surveillance. This means not only will it pick up faces if someone tries to break in and you need to speak to the police, but you can check in any time you want. If you are at work and your kids will be home after school alone for an hour or so, you can open the app and make sure they are safe while they are there alone. You can also check on your pets during the day, or make sure your home is undisturbed when you are on vacation. This provides a lot of peace of mind.

It Deters Criminals From Breaking in

With home security monitoring systems, you have the option of making it very clear to others that your home has surveillance. You can put a sign in your front window that tells others your house, inside and outside, is being monitored by cameras. Why do this? It can deter others from attempting to break in since there is a very high risk of them being caught. This alone can keep criminals away when you are not home. Some of the more advanced systems also include remote access for turning the lights on or television on, so that a criminal might think you are home and won't try to break in.

You Can Lock or Unlock the Doors

Another great feature with home monitoring systems that doesn't usually come with standard security systems is being able to lock and unlock the doors remotely. If you get to work and remember you forgot to lock the back door, you should be able to do that from your monitoring app. Many systems also let you unlock doors to allow for a housekeeper to get access without giving them a key, or letting in your dog walker to take your dog out. When they leave, you can then lock the door and not have to worry about anything.

Don't forget that these systems also provide outdoor and garage monitoring, plus you often get a discount on your homeowner's insurance.